Data Logger


After many trials, finally I was able to complete this small project which had been in my mind for a long time.

A data logger that store information on SD card. Using PIC18F4550, and one SD card socket I was able finally to complete this project. One Analogue input was added to the board where any analogue sensor can be placed over there. (As of now I am using a temperature sensor (NTC).

The PIC program was made using MikroC. (This made programming PIC much simpler, and saved a lot of time with its gerat libraries)

Below the final circuit picture.

My plan now is to write a small application that would get the logged data, and based on scaling information entered to the software; correct values would be calculated and plotted.

Please let me know if you were trying to build a similar project, and I’ll help you as much as possible.


// MMC module connections
sbit Mmc_Chip_Select           at LATA5_bit;  // for writing to output pin always use latch (PIC18 family)
sbit Mmc_Chip_Select_Direction at TRISA5_bit;
// eof MMC module connections
long int temp_res;
const LINE_LEN = 16;         ///012345678901234
char file_contents[LINE_LEN] = "XX,XXXXXXXXXXXX";
int temp;
char           filename[] = "TempLogF.TXT";
int i;
unsigned short loop, loop2;

char txt[12];

void M_Create_New_File() {

  Mmc_Fat_Set_File_Date(2010, 4, 19, 9, 0, 0); // Set file date & time info
  Mmc_Fat_Assign(&filename, 0xA0);          // Find existing file or create a new one
  PORTD=0xFF;                 // To clear file and start with new data
  for(loop = 1; loop <= 9999; loop++) {


    file_contents[0] = loop / 10 + 48;
    file_contents[1] = loop % 10 + 48;
    temp_res = ADC_Read(2);
    LongIntToStrWithZeros(temp_res, txt);
    file_contents[3] = (temp_res / 1000) + 48;

    file_contents[i] = txt[i-4];

    Mmc_Fat_Write(file_contents, LINE_LEN-1);   // write data to the assigned file
    Mmc_Fat_Write("\r\n", 2);   // write data to the assigned file
   // Mmc_Fat_Write('\n', 1);   // write data to the assigned file


// Main. 

void main() {
  ADCON1 = 12;                  // Configure AN pins as digital
  CMCON  |= 7;                     // Turn off comparators

  // Initialize SPI1 module

   if (Mmc_Fat_Init() == 0)    // reinitialize spi at higher speed

  else {



Download Hex File (Finally!!)

5 thoughts on “Data Logger”

  1. Hola admin. I must tell you I’m impressed with your work and it has been of great help to me. I tried running the code but received several error messages like * undeclared Identifier* where the SPI is initialised and operator *is not applicable to this operand* (line 74 reinitialize spi at higher speed) wish you could help me out.
    I’m working on a similar project where multi sensors (4) are connected to ucontroller, data from sensors are stored in an SD card and later read on the pc through the serial port. please help me if you can

    my regards


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