Power Monitoring Project – Part 2

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Guess what!! The entire project was completed, and it’s running right now!!!

ModBus windows application had been completed, and it’s doing as expected. (Writing data into MySQL database).

Another thing is the web application, which had been implemented using CakePHP

In this article I’ll just discuss about the web application and discuss what kind of information it’s displaying.


Below the main menu which will be used to navigate throughout the system:

First icon is HOME, which will just send you back to the home page of the Monitoring System.

This icon is for Comparison, where it shown a pie for power consumption of all the connected equipment .

This icon will display live power consumption graph for the selected equipment. The displayed graph in the system will keep refreshing every 60 seconds. And hovering the mouse above the graph will display the consumption in Kh.


Clicking on this icon will display a summary for the selected equipment power consumption, and power cost. It will show cost for one day, last 7 days, and last 30 days.


Utilization of each machine can be monitored easily; since that have machines switched off would for sure reflect on the power readings. This information is displayed using this icon.


Finally this function is used to display power consumption during a defined interval.

Kindly note that if you need to work on a similar project; I am ready to share all information you require. Just contact me.

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  1. Hi. This is good to know that you have completed the project.

    I am working on something similar. I have PM9Cs connected to EGX-100, and I have a Modbus TCP Application, on C#. When I test some values, the results are not correct, for example Frequency and PF are displaying correctly, but the values of Current (Ia, Ib, Ic, In) are not showing the correct values. (I have verified with another schneider software, the value in the schneider software is correct, and on the modbus tester is not correct).

    Could you please help me out. Thanking you in advance

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